Beyer Family Halloween 2017

The Beyer’s do not hold back when it comes to getting spooky during the holidays. We decorate┬áthe entire house with scary skeletons and tombstones. Our decor is definitely┬áhard to compete with. The big inflatable pieces are massive in our yard. … Continue reading


Pumpkin Patch Halloween 2017!

Happy Halloween from the Beyer family! This year we took Mason pumpkin picking for the spooky season. We had great fun and took some goofy photos during our search for our pumpkins. Not only did we have a great time … Continue reading


Happy Easter! 2017

The Beyer family and I had a wonderful Easter this year. We colored eggs, ate some Peep cake, and Mason had some trouble eating some chocolate! It was a great time spending time with everyone.



My Son and I!

I wanted to share an appreciation blog of my dear family but more specifically my son, Mason! I am a proud father to such an amazing kid. I try to spend as much time as I possibly can with this young man. Here are some photos to show!


Me holding my son Mason!



My entire family enjoying the weather!



My family and I celebrating Turkey Day!



My wonderful son mason and myself.



My family all together playing in the snow!



My wonderful son Mason wearing a solid Eagles helmet.



October a great time of the year, when you really start to feel the change of the seasons, and you start to anticipate the coming holidays. Here are some pictures from October.

Anthony Beyer OCT4

Anthony Beyer OCT3

Anthony Beyer OCT2

Anthony Beyer OCT1


Dutch Wonderland

Anthony Beyer Lancaster4

Dutch Wonderland is an amusement park just outside of Lancaster, PA. It is a very fun place to visit with your family, and we recently were lucky enough to make a visit. The park has games, shows, rides, and, most … Continue reading