Best Family Photos

cropped-anthony-beyer-shore11.jpegAnthony Beyer 9Anthony-Beyer-PlayAnthony-Beyer-Fathers-DayAnthony-Beyer-Family-KarateAnthony-Beyer-GreenAnthony-Beyer-ChalkAnthony-Beyer-full-familyAnthony Beyer shares some of his favorite family photos throughout the years!



Beyer Family Halloween 2017

The Beyer’s do not hold back when it comes to getting spooky during the holidays. We decorate the entire house with scary skeletons and tombstones. Our decor is definitely hard to compete with. The big inflatable pieces are massive in our yard. The whole process of stretching cobwebs across the trees and the color lights really is a good time. Even the creepy skeleton sitting in the car really got some people! The whole fall season was a great time and I am happy with our successful Halloween! Not even to mention all the candy!

Father and Son
The Beyer Family!
Wife or Rabbit??
The Vampire!
Scary Man!
The Black Panthers!

This year I dressed up as the classic vampire, Dracula himself! Sometimes classic is the way to go. The kids were also quite excited during the Halloween season with not one but TWO Black Panthers roaming the neighborhood. The more superheroes, the better! Mason is very excited about the upcoming Black Panther movie coming out next year!




The secret to good Halloween decorations is good lighting! It does matter if you get the scariest skeleton from Party City. If you don’t like him up, how are people going to see him and get scared??

Boo! (from the car)
Decorations #1
Decorations #2
Decorations #3

Pennsylvania is known for their great pride and spirit during the scary season. The Beyers had a great time this year.


Pumpkin Patch Halloween 2017!

Happy Halloween from the Beyer family! This year we took Mason pumpkin picking for the spooky season. We had great fun and took some goofy photos during our search for our pumpkins. Not only did we have a great time walking through the patch of pumpkins, we had great fun just spending time together as a family.

Not only did we pick our pumpkins and take fun photos in the cutouts, we also had fun watching Mason play in the corn tunnel. We saw some of the equipment used to maintain the farmland too. All of the corn, hay, and pumpkins truly put us in the Halloween spirit! Even though the weather was muggy, it did not stop the Beyer family from enjoying ourselves and watch Mason have a blast. Check out the photos below and

Anthony Beyer and his family thoroughly enjoy the fall season, especially when they spend it together.

My Son and I!

I wanted to share an appreciation blog of my dear family but more specifically my son, Mason! I am a proud father to such an amazing kid. I try to spend as much time as I possibly can with this young man. Here are some photos to show!

Me holding my son Mason!


My entire family enjoying the weather!


My family and I celebrating Turkey Day!


My wonderful son mason and myself.


My family all together playing in the snow!


My wonderful son Mason wearing a solid Eagles helmet.
Anthony Beyer Lancaster4

Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland is an amusement park just outside of Lancaster, PA. It is a very fun place to visit with your family, and we recently were lucky enough to make a visit. The park has games, shows, rides, and, most importantly, roller coasters. If you have a chance to make a trip there, I highly recommend it. Below are some pictures from our recent trip.

Anthony Beyer Lancaster1

Anthony Beyer Lancaster2

Anthony Beyer Lancaster3

Anthony Beyer Lancaster4

Anthony Beyer Lancaster5

Anthony Beyer Lancaster6

Anthony Beyer Lancaster7

Anthony Beyer Lancaster8

Anthony Beyer Lancaster9

Anthony Beyer Lancaster10

Anthony Beyer Lancaster11

Anthony Beyer Lancaster12