Anthony Beyer's photo of a Star Wars Trooper

The Force Gets A Mobile Game Update

Anthony Beyer's photo of a Star Wars Trooper

Star Wars isn’t new. In the late 1970s, the world was introduced to the fantastical galaxy of the future created George Lucas, in which humans, robots and other forms of life coexist, sometimes in harmony but most times not, as the title suggests. Still, with its most recent release, The Force Awakens, the famous franchise is gaining even greater popularity with old and new fans. Undeniably the biggest film of the last year, The Force Awakens continues to break records, having already made 2015 the highest ever box office to date, and tracking to shatter a previous record established by the film Avatar as the highest grossing film in American and Canadian history.

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Because of its popularity, everyone from Subway to Covergirl has joined the force, bolstering the film and certainly benefiting from its acclaim in the process. The gaming world is on board, too. Celebrating the release of the Force Awakens, Star Wars game developers have updated content to reflect new characters and plot lines.

Anthony Beyer's screenshot of Star Wars' commander game
Disney Interactive Studios

All of the games are available on iOS with some available for download on Android, Amazon and Windows phone as well. Those which have been updated include:

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Force Collection

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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Also, the following games are offering deep discounts* on in-app purchases:

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 3.0

LEGO Star Wars

Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions

Star Wars: Uprising

* The discounts coincided with the launch of the movie on Dec. 18. No details on whether or not or how long they will continue.

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Nevertheless, all of the games mentioned are free to download, and there are dozens of others across all platforms. Do a simple search for “Star Wars” in your device’s application store if you want to compare options and find the most engaging game. Enjoy and “May the force be with you!”

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