How a Wax Figure is Made


Celebrities and iconic people throughout history get the privilege to have a replica of themselves preserved in many wax museums across the globe. Madame Tussauds is the most popular museum franchise that preserves pop culture through the art of sculpture. The process of creating a wax sculpture is quite interesting and requires skill and technique that only few can do. The process of creating a signature Madame Tussauds’ wax figure is normally three months.


Step 1 – Celebrity Data Collection

The first step is referred to as “sitting”. The celebrities meet with the artists for almost two hours while they collect their measurements, proportions, skin tone, and specific facial features that make that celebrity iconic. This is when they also take reference photos and even take hair samples!


Step 2 – The Skeleton

This is the drafting phase of the celebrity. The start with basic armatures and a clay face and begin creating the foundation for the sculpture. Artists ensure that even the bone and muscle structure are anatomically correct to the original person. The head sculpture can take up to six weeks with around 150g of clay.


Step 3 – Moulding

This step of the process takes 170 hours to complete. The original design is molded into plaster and cast with fiberglass. This also allows for replicas of the original sculpture to be recreated. An entire, full figure can weigh around 25 kg.


Step 4 – Hair!

Each individual strand of hair is strategically placed by hand. Eyelashes, eyebrows, and even beards are all individual punched into the wax/ This step can take up to four weeks to finish. Once every piece of hair is placed, it is then cut and styled.


Step 5 – Skin Tone

Oil paints are used to build up layers to create as realistic skin as possible. Almost 20 different skin colors go into creating a lifelike skin. This is when tattoos, freckles, and moles are painted on.


Step 6 – Clothes/Eyes/Teeth

In terms of clothing, many celebrities donate their own clothing for authenticity. If not, designers research and create historically accurate replicas. In addition, custom eyes and teeth are created for the sculpture as well. Sometimes, replica teeth are molded directly from the celebrity. Overall, creating teeth and eyes can take up to about 30 hours.


Step 7 – Finishing Touches

Once everything is put into place, the sculpture is then moved to a photography studio to be documented and critiqued. Each figure is maintained every week to ensure that is preserved in the best shape as possible.

Beyer Family Christmas 2017

This winter in Pennsylvania was perfect for the ideal holiday. It was definitely a white Christmas. The family and I had some wonderful experiences from looking at some lights displays in Ambler, PA to going to church service to making snow angels. Below are some highlights of our fantastic holiday. I got spend time with family and enjoy another Christmas with my son.


Mason de-snowing the car!


Beyer Family around a lovely tree.


Beyer Family Photo!


Beyer family all in green!


Outside our home


Mason in the holiday spirit!


Mason with the dog.


A true light show!


Holiday lights.


Decorating the house is always a fun family tradition that brings us all together. It was also a wonderful time taking some quality family photos. They turned out great!

Celebrity Wax Figure Collection

The Beyer family truly enjoys visiting Madame Tussauds Wax Museums. It is a fun time seeing all of these celebrities duplicated through the art of wax. Some look almost identical to the real person! Here are some photos we took … Continue reading

Dunkirk: Movie Review


Dunkirk is creating a quite the blockbuster buzz amongst moviegoers and critics. This summer flick is directed by Christopher Nolan and gives a breath of fresh air to the war drama genre with the nonlinear plot line. The groundbreaking film is a visual masterpiece that gives you a perspective of war from land, sea, and air. Dunkirk is rejuvenating and reinventing the war genre where “Saving Private Ryan” left off.

The Critics

With a 93 percent freshness on Rotten Tomatoes, the film is being praised by everyone in the theater’s seats. Critics are raving over Nolan’s direction to stray away from a character driven-plot and rather chose to focus on the idea of pure human survival. Many of the characters are nameless until the end credits. The film is unsympathetic to the personal backstories of these big name actors. To many critics, they felt surprised that Nolan chose this route because he is a director known for a strong backstory.

Some even say that this is may be the first virtual reality film. Many of the shots in the film make the viewer feel literally in position with the other soldiers. It is made to make the viewer “fill-in-the -blanks” in terms of character’s stories. The story is in your own experience upon viewing the movie.

The Actors

Even with little-known information about character’s names or stories, the actors are quite well-known. Tom Hardy, who is a regular in Christopher Nolan’s film, seems to be just another average joe in the film. You can also spot another Nolan veteran, Cillian Murphy adding his finesse to the WWII thriller.  As well, Harry Style’s big film debut did not disappoint either.  Even with a few recognizable faces, it did not distract from the disconnect of individuality in the film.

The Cons

Many felt that the nonlinear plot was confusing and was difficult to connect to initially. As well, the score for the film was dramatic and sometimes overwhelming at points. With the film being created in such a “virtual reality” based way, many worry how the film will hold in the eyes of the home viewer. It is an experience to have in a theatre because of its ability to capture the viewer through its intense visuals.

The lack of character development left a few wanting a bit more from the film yet, Nolan’s bold choice of focusing on mere human survival is a new take on the war thriller genre.

Celebrity Impersonators!

As I have posted in the past, I really enjoy the art of celebrity wax figures. They have such an attention to detail and they are such a fun idea. Recently, I have come across another artistic platform of celebrity doubles – IMPERSONATORS! It is pretty cool to see actual people emulate such iconic stars. Here are a few of the ones my wonderful wife and I got to see. Madonna, Michael Jackson, and even the Blues Brothers!