My Son and I!

I wanted to share an appreciation blog of my dear family but more specifically my son, Mason! I am a proud father to such an amazing kid. I try to spend as much time as I possibly can with this young man. Here are some photos to show!

Me holding my son Mason!


My entire family enjoying the weather!


My family and I celebrating Turkey Day!


My wonderful son mason and myself.


My family all together playing in the snow!


My wonderful son Mason wearing a solid Eagles helmet.

Snow Fun – Winter 2017!

Sure, winter isn’t ideal for many things, but it is great for having fun with friends! My son Mason enjoyed a snow day recently, and as you can see, there was nothing but pure joy about being able to make snow angels, have snowball fights and go on sleigh rides.

anthony-beyer-family-snow day
All of us! Monica, Mason and Me
Here we go!
Having so much fun.
Mason all covered in snow.
Say cheese!
What is winter without snow angels?
…and snowball fights.
Wanna build a snowman?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Here are a few pictures of My family (my beautiful wife Monica and our son Mason) and me on Christmas Eve as well as the day after, which we spent at Shady Brook Farm in Yardley, PA. I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
Monica and Mason
Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
Mason and me
Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
Our tree and tons of gifts
Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
Merry Christmas!
Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
Did someone say Pokemon?
Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
Putting the final touches on our Christmas tree. Mason’s own 2016 ornament.
Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
Such beautiful lights. Very creative.
Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
This was wonderful. Peace on earth!
Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
Isn’t she lovely?
Anthony Beyer's Family Christmas
Say cheese!


Mason’s Thanksgiving Feast

Brige Valley Elementary hosted a Thanksgiving feast for the kindergarten class. The whole family attended, and here some of the photos from the awesome event below.

Mason and children from his class
Mason and kids all dressed up
Anthony Beyer-Mason's Thanksgiving Feast
Poppy and Grammy Beyer and Mason
Monica, Mason and me.
Poppy, Grammy, Monica, Mason, and me
Arts and crafts
Monica and Mason
Monica and Mason are all smiles
Grammy and Poppy Beyer enjoyed their Thanksgiving feast
A family portrait
The class’s fall decor
The Thanksgiving spread was great
One of Mason’s friends
More arts and crafts
All of the family
Everyone was documenting the fun

Giving Season is Every Season

The biggest time for charities is the fourth quarter of the year, particularly November and December. During those months, many celebrate holidays in which the spirit of giving is fundamental, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. At any rate, many great initiatives are made possible as a result of such generosity, and for those in need, it’s appreciated.

However, I’m of the firm belief that giving should continue all year round, because there is always a need. The summer months, though not as common as fall and winter, are actually great for charitable endeavors. If you’re wondering what you can do to make a difference, consider one of the following options.

A young boy washing a car
A young boy washing a car
  1. Organize a carwash, and donate the money to your local church or selected non profit organization. It’s fun while being helpful, and it gets others involved who may have not considered giving money to special causes.

    Public Park
    Public Park
  2. Volunteer for community service, such as cleaning up public space. This may not appear to have any direct benefits like giving money, but it does have a positive effect on the community, and it’s great for the environment.

    Anthony Beyer's image of clothing for donation
  3. Donate clothes. As you pack away winter clothes and prepare for warmer weather, consider those things that you no longer need or may have outgrown, and drop them off at places like Salvation Army. Someone will be happy to have it, and can use it when the season changes again.


With the kids out of school, they can also be involved, and the work can become a family affair. Of course, these are just a couple suggestions. There are many more, and likely a few events compiled by others in your area in the name of philanthropy. Don’t wait until winter, do what you can today and always.

Using Mobile Games to Educate Kids

Kids love mobile devices. More specifically, tablets, such as Apple’s iPad or the Kindle by Amazon. For children, tablets offer a chance to watch shows, play games and, sometimes, speak with relatives outside of the home. Furthermore, these gadgets are attractive because they are interactive, require the use of finger movement, and are one of the few things children can control themselves. So, kids love them and parents adore them because it keeps kids occupied and quiet. Hence, it’s no surprise that 30 percent of children in the U.S. engage with some of form of mobile device while still in diapers.

Young boy playing with a tablet device

Yet, as a part of our culture, some of these tools, or the constant access to them, have become problematic. As a result, professionals have called on parents to limit the time with which their children spend on devices, citing reasons from impaired vision to lack of imagination and, quite literally, addiction. Initially health communities responded by encouraging parents to cut out use altogether, or to drastically limit time by only a few hours a day. Understanding the complications such places on adults, who are themselves always attached to some tech device, organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics now suggest that parents do more monitor their child’s activity and to establish “digital-free zones.”

Young boy with an iPhone

Their suggestions are great and most certainly will help parents guide their children through proper use of such devices. I would add that during the time children use these devices, over half should be used for educational purposes. It’s likely that a child would want to play a game, why not make sure the game is a teaching opportunity rather than a time waster? Writing for the Huffington Post, this is what Catriona Wallis had to say about this very concept:


“If playing digital games is now an integral part of our young learners lives, then it makes sense for teachers and parents to use this to motivate children to learn.”

A child reading
mobile chess board

The benefit is simple. Children will get their time to use the phone or iPad, they will be occupied and quiet, and they will also learn something in the process. In a very comprehensive list, shares 30 educational apps/games for your child to play when she or he has access to a mobile device. In addition to books and schooling, this is a great way to reinforce the importance of learning and maximize those very integral stages of development in childhood.

Baby using a computer

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think these gadgets should be used for entertainment or for learning? Let me know!


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