Celebrity Impersonators!

As I have posted in the past, I really enjoy the art of celebrity wax figures. They have such an attention to detail and they are such a fun idea. Recently, I have come across another artistic platform of celebrity doubles – IMPERSONATORS! It is pretty cool to see actual people emulate such iconic stars. Here are a few of the ones my wonderful wife and I got to see. Madonna, Michael Jackson, and even the Blues Brothers!


Mason Celebrates his 6th Birthday!

My wonderful son celebrated his 6th birthday! He spent the day with many friends and loved ones. That kid can eat a lot of pizza! He really loved his dinosaur cake and his party at Bounce U. Mason also enjoyed getting some PowerRanger toys on his special day as well. It is hard to believe that I am celebrating his 6th birthday already! Time flies when you are having fun raising such a loving and handsome child.

It is days like my son’s birthday that make so thankful to be a father to such a loving and caring young man. I appreciate every day I have with my wonderful family.


My Son and I!

I wanted to share an appreciation blog of my dear family but more specifically my son, Mason! I am a proud father to such an amazing kid. I try to spend as much time as I possibly can with this young man. Here are some photos to show!


Me holding my son Mason!



My entire family enjoying the weather!



My family and I celebrating Turkey Day!



My wonderful son mason and myself.



My family all together playing in the snow!



My wonderful son Mason wearing a solid Eagles helmet.

Snow Fun – Winter 2017!

Sure, winter isn’t ideal for many things, but it is great for having fun with friends! My son Mason enjoyed a snow day recently, and as you can see, there was nothing but pure joy about being able to make snow angels, have snowball fights and go on sleigh rides.

anthony-beyer-family-snow day

All of us! Monica, Mason and Me


Here we go!


Having so much fun.


Mason all covered in snow.


Say cheese!


What is winter without snow angels?


…and snowball fights.


Wanna build a snowman?