Mason Starts the First Grade!


Even though school has been in session for a few weeks, I think it would not be right if I did not post some great photos of the family the day Mason started first grade! We got him ready to go in the early morning to take some chalkboard images, celebrating this incredible milestone in his life (and ours too!). My favorite part of these photos is his very cool Batman lunchbox. I would have loved to have had one like that as a kid!

Mason’s first-day outfit was also super cool. He was rocking his bright blue shirt with his matching shoes, he was looking quite sharp amongst his new peers. Even if he may be working on his full smile, that did not take away from his cheer and excitement for the day. He received a neon pink bunny lanyard to help him through the confusing hallways of the elementary school. I hope that little bunny helped him throughout a confusing yet new adventure. It is hard to believe that my son is finally starting school. It is true what they say, they do grow up so fast!

Check out some of the images of our wonderful morning together as a family!


The Beyer Family!
Mason all ready for his first day!
My wife and son!
Like father like son! (Notice the chair – haha!)



There he is! Off to his first day of class!




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