Trip to Wildwood, New Jersey!



My wonderful family and I took a vacation out of state and went to the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. This beach was a great time for all us to relax and for Mason to have some fun in the sand. He built some amazing sandcastles. We both got to have some quality father-son time in the ocean which was such fun. My wife also enjoyed herself on the trip.

Wildwood is a resort city on the right off of the coast of New Jersey. It resides on a barrier island that has wide sand beaches great for sun bathing. Many come to Wildwood to not just see the beach but to also see the Sightseer tram car that runs along the boardwalk. The Doo-Wop Museum is a must see if you are in the area.

Wildwood is about an hour and a half away from Philadelphia. It is a lovely getaway for a family. It is a little past Atlantic city but further south. Similar to Ocean City, Wildwood also has a lovely boardwalk. There are plenty of attractions and amusement rides from roller coasters to a large Ferris wheel. There is even a water park that is a lot of fun. The boardwalk is home to over 100 rides and attractions.

Below are some amazing images from a fantastic beach trip. Even though we just got back from our Ocean City excursion with the whole family.  This was nice just to have some time with my wife and son.



My Wife and I


Like Father Like son!


Mason and his lovely smile!


Holding Mason in my hands


Is that the Terminator?!


Protecting mason from the waved


Mason digging his moat


In the water!


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