What To Expect From Apple in 2016

Apple has over 1 billion devices in-use throughout the world. It’s no secret that the company and the brand has been a hit with users for well over a decade. In fact, releases of their game-changing products are considered events, sparking engagement from fans and non-fans alike. Thus, in the world of tech where things change very quickly and result in a practically annual release of new products or updates, this year will be no different.

Anthony Beyer_apple-iphone-smartphone-desk-large
Macbook, iPad, iPhone 6

But what can consumers expect from Apple in 2016? A new iPhone? New laptops or more focus on the declining iPad? Perhaps all of that and some. According to Macrumors and 9to5Mac–fan blogs dedicated to news and updates centered around the company–here are some of the things likely in the works over in Cupertino.

iPhone 6 and Mac

iPhone 7

Anthony Beyer_apple-iphone-smartphone-technology-large
iPhone 6 in Silver and Space Gray

Last year’s iPhone 6s saw Apple introducing new colors and an array of new features like 3D touch and live photos. The company also hit a new sales record, selling 13 million devices in just 3 days. Sales have pretty much stalled, however. Maybe because consumers are waiting for an official number upgrade (i.e. iPhone 6 to iPhone 7). Details expected in the potential fall release include doing away with the headphone jack and a thinner, sleeker phone altogether. It will be interesting to see.

Apple Watch 2

Wearing an Apple Watch

As expected, Apple’s entry into the smartwatch industry last year changed the game. Despite a hefty price tag and not many features, the watch became the most popular of the year, with over half of all shipments of any smartwatch device, coming from the company. Apple will no doubt want to capitalize off that with new features and a highly publicized release. Experts suggest such may be coming as early as March.

Apple Streaming

Anthony Beyer - monitor-155158_960_720
Image of a Smart TV

Apple currently has its Apple TV device, with which users can connect to their TVs and access iTunes, ESPN, and Netflix, among other things; but the company is said to be moving in the direction of the aforementioned Netflix and Amazon, with a streaming service of its own. It’s expected that the company will partner with a single or multiple cable companies to provide bundles and a monthly subscription price tag of about $40–more expensive than other streaming services, but cheaper than cable. Reports of such first surfaced last year, but it could come to fruition later in 2016.

Holding up an iPad

These new developments will certainly boost the company’s popularity with consumers and investors, which seem to be bearish about the future of the company because of “dying” interest. Hopefully the updates will be as significant and groundbreaking as the company’s earlier releases. We’re all expecting something amazing; let’s see if Tim Cook and team will rise to the challenge.