Trip to Mom-mom and Pop-pop’s in VA for T-day

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is a time for family, fun, and of course, food. Anthony Beyer’s was no different. Anthony and his family spent “T-Day” with their loved ones and had an incredible time doing so. From frying the turkey, to snapping selfies, it was a day to remember and to which the Beyers look forward, especially as the Christmas season approaches. Checkout the photos below to see how Anthony Beyer and the entire family spent their holiday.

Anthony Beyer stopping for a picture with his family, at the hotel

Anthony Beyer with his wife and son.

A photo of Anthony Beyer's family member snapping a quick photo

First, let me take a selfie

Anthony Beyer snaps a pic of the spread for t-day dinner

So much great food

Anthony smiling from ear to ear, having a ball with his son.

Say cheese!

Anthony Beyer's son, posing for a quick photo before going back to play

The Weather Was Great

Anthony Beyer's son playing in the back yard, the leaves were falling already

Who goes there?

Anthony Beyer's son having a snack before the big meal

Someone had a great time.

Anthony Beyer's son playing games with his dad

Ninja in Training

Anthony Beyer Thanksgiving 1

We’re all smiles

Anthony Beyer Thanksgiving 3

In Conversation

Anthony Beyer Thanksgiving 4

Happy Moments

Anthony Beyer Thanksgiving 10

Checking on the bird

Anthony Beyer Thanksgiving 12

Family dinner

Anthony Beyer Thanksgiving 9

Taking a selfie with the mini ninja


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