Down on the Shore

A trip down to the Jersey Shore, or to any beach community for that matter, for a few days or a week is a fun and timeless type of family vacation. It’s timeless because, even amidst the ever present mobile technological devices and the constantly rising prices, the ambiance and activities remain more or less the same as they have been for decades. A stroll along the boardwalk, a traipse through a toy store or two, a round of miniature golf, and an ice cream cone or sundae remain staple elements and activities. So is, of course, an nice relaxing day on the beach in the sun. Just make sure to bring plenty of sunblock. I’m trying to tell if people really do burn more easily these days, or if they’re just trying to increase the sale of sunscreen. Better safe than sorry, I suppose. Below are some pictures from a recent family trip to The Shore.

Anthony Beyer Shore7

Anthony Beyer Shore6

Anthony Beyer Shore5

Anthony Beyer Shore4

Anthony Beyer Shore3

Anthony Beyer Shore2

Anthony Beyer Shore1


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